Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Metropole Moving Day

On my walk this morning I happened upon movers setting up shop for a move from the Metropole. I don't know know who was moving out or where they were moving to, but they had a professional crew there to do the move.  A couple of questions arise:
  1. Did 3CDC pay for the mover?  I hope they did.
  2. How many people holding out for more attention/money are left?
The redevelopment of the Metropole building was a controversial act in the minds of a select few activists, but I think in the long run the displaced tenets will find better and bigger apartments that do not have the history of crime that plagued the Metropole. I think the efforts of those trying to block this redevelopment are very misplaced.  Where was the class action efforts when the building was literally controlled by criminals?  I hope everyone still living at the Metropole quickly finds a new place to live.  I hope they are not being lead to hold out because of the political agenda of anti-development interests, but those who seek to block the efforts of 3CDC will exploit the poor.  The "ends justify the means" isn't just a belief practiced by Neo-Cons, the far left will stoop to that level too.

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