Friday, February 19, 2010

Four Fewer Council Members?

I wish it were possible that all four Cincinnati City Council Members running for higher office could win. It's not that I want any of them to go on to arguably more important positions, its that them winning would guarantee better members of council. Yes, guarantee. Sure we could end up with four Charlie Winburn types, but I am happy to say only one exists, and no one is remotely similar in the current crop of possible replacements.

In the end, there are fair odds that one of the four could win in November. It all depends on the primary battles and the various November match-ups, which are very interesting. If Monzel wins, I think both Thomas and Tarbell could beat him. Ghiz likely would beat Thomas, but Tarbell vs Ghiz would be more of a barn burner. (Yes, at this point, Huber E. Brown is an also ran.)

Cole vs. Reece is really a fascinating primary. This will be a hardcore retail political effort where each candidate will have make the face to face personal connections to primary voters, in order to get the numbers to win. Advertisements and signs are not going to be as effective.

The only strategy out there could be for Cole/Reece to save some money and work with Thomas. There could be joint events, but otherwise the messages will be different. Reece/Thomas would logically be a better fit, based on overall ideology, but who knows. Each campaign may not have time to even bother working together, since the clock is ticking so fast.

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