Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New YP Kitchen Cabinet

The key word on the announcement of Mayor Mallory's YP Kitchen Cabinet leardership team is "New". I only recognize one person, and that is because I am friends with her. I've long criticized the many various YP efforts in this city because the groups tended to be run by the same people. Other than my friend who is a great choice for her role, I don't know the other leadership. That is good! On the other hand, ff they don't know anything about the City and were picked because they are being groomed by the powers that be, then we will get more of the same from the YPKC.

Also, unless this group is given funds to actually take action and hold their own events, then this is all just PR for the Mayor, that doesn't do a lot to promote the city and make it more attractive to YPs.

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