Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It Snowed, Again!

As someone who grew up an hour South of Buffalo, NY, I have always been amused by the way snow is viewed in the Cincinnati. I get that people are just not used to driving in it. I would think that since we just had two days of driving last week that I would say were must more hazardous, a certain percentage of people might have learned something. My experience last does not indicate many people learned much.

I must point out one big point to people who are driving on the interstate at 20 mph with no one in front of you for miles and with the road actually cleared of a large amount of the snow that has fallen: it can't be safer under the circumstances, so you can go at least 40 mph!!!!

On my 2 hour 45 minute drive home from Mason last night, I was passing people, left and right on I-71 once I got South of the Norwood Lateral. There would be clumps of cars going 20 or 25 and I would pass them by at 40 mph like they were standing still. The people who were going 30 mph in the left lane to pass the person going 20 in the center lane, who was trying to pass the person going 10 in the right lane just don't see how they block traffic because they don't pass with effective level of speed to keep everyone moving along.

I am more and more understand why it is better for many people to just not drive when it snows. When I say it snows, I mean it snows more than 1 inch. I think Chirs Smitherman, COAST, and the Green Party of One might want to get a petition drive going to make that part of the City Charter. If they are going to be extreme, why not be extreme with something that might actual make life easier for everyone!

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