Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cincinnati Sports History

The Enquirer is conducting a survey, asking readers to choose the most memorable or iconic picture in Cincinnati sports history. What's absent is perhaps as interesting as what's included.

My guess is that the "winner" will be some moment in Red history. My first thought upon reading what the survey was about was Pete Rose running over catcher Ray Fosse in an All-Star Game. Of course, I've only lived in Cincinnati for the past eight years, so my take on what's memorable or iconic is no doubt different that what a lifelong Cincinnatian will remember.

What did I expect to see that's not included in the Enquirer's offerings?
  • A better picture of Marge Schott
  • An "action shot" (i.e. on the court) of Oscar Robertson (yes, I saw the shot of Robertson in street clothes)
  • A Ken Anderson Superbowl TD
  • A mugshot of any of the Bengals
What do you think is missing? What's there that surprises you (for me, it's all the high school athletics)?

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