Monday, February 16, 2009

New Restaurant Coming on Seventh

I'm a little late with this (Queen City Survey noticed it about two months ago), but there's a new restaurant preparing to open on Seventh Street downtown. Gilpin's Bagel & Deli will be nestled into the space next to the former Gondola, on the block between Vine and Walnut.

Gilpin's has a MySpace page (someone should tell the owner that unless his target market is fifteen-year old girls, he'd be better off with a Facebook group). Gilpin's promises to be "upscale, modern, affordable, healthy, and fast." (Geesh, that's a lot of pressure for a bagel.) Apparently, music, movies, and video games will all be part of the ambiance. As for music, the owner promises "soothing" music in the morning, a DJ at night, and "what[ever] we like on our Ipod that day" at lunch. And hopefully, the soundtrack on the website won't ever be played in the restaurant.

I'm looking forward to a bagel!!!

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