Sunday, March 04, 2007

'This is a Public Service...Anouncment'

Do you have a right to protest on Fountain Square or can the City's Agent require you to have liability insurance? Answer? I don't know.

I really like what the team running the square is doing. The broomball league was a great a idea. Their upcoming schedule looks great. I hope to hit as many events as my time allows.

From the beginning when I heard about 3CDC taking over the management of the square the issue of public use of the facility become a concern. I am a firm supporter of the first amendment. I believe public space should be open to all groups. If there is a procedure they must follow to hold an event, then they must comply. If there is a cost, that is something that should be minimal. Insurance is not minimal. The requirement of insurance should be clarified by the City and 3CDC. If a group follows the application process correctly, they should not be prevented from executing their rights to peaceably assemble.

That being said, I don't want the square turned into a haven for extremists, nut cases, or sad sacks out there charging at windmills. (Yea, like the Greg Flannery's around town) Where's the balance? How do we have fun on the square, but keep our free society?

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