Saturday, March 24, 2007

Taste Moves to 5th Street

The Taste of Cincinnati is moving from its long time home on Central Parkway five blocks down to 5th Street.

My take is that it's great idea for the festival and for downtown. It will showcase the Square and bring more people in who may think of staying the night. I believe we are starting to see the impact of the new Fountain Square. We are starting to see the center of a new mainstream entertainment district form in 4th to 7th street areas. The area is compact enough for people to walk, but spread out to not have an over dense bar zone. I would have gone to taste anyway, but now I am more interest in going and will likely come down multiple days, if the music is as good as has been the past. (Get the Heartless Bastards to play again!!!)

More from WLWT and the Enquirer.

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