Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Driehaus To Battle Chabot

State Rep. Steve Driehaus, minority whip of the Ohio House, plans to challenge Steve Chabot for Ohio's 1st District in 2008.

Driehaus is a good pick for this district. He's a generally more conservative Democrat, and his anti-abortion stance will be a plus in this big one issue voting district. I think a candidate could be for killing puppies, but if he opposes abortion, he'll get a set of voters on the West side, no matter what.

This is not good for women's rights, of course, but in a district where a pro-choice candidate just can't win, you have to take the bad with the good.

Starting early is plus for raising money. It will take a chunk of change to unseat a GOP guy. A big problem will be trying to predict how the 2008 presidential race will sway voters down the ticket. Without Bush around, the GOP will have more room to wiggle around. Steve Chabot, however, has little room. He was glued to Bush's hip very tightly.

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