Thursday, March 22, 2007

Headline Bias

I can see the editors salivate over the census stats. That would lead to the bullshit headline on this article. The headline seeks to make Hamilton County into a hell hole, and seeks to prop up West Chester as the new Shangrla. Several facts I would think would be available are missing from the article.

What portion of those leaving are actually going to other local counties and how many are going to Arizona or California? There is little if anything the local area can do to stop people leaving the metro area. Warren and Butler Counties share the "blame" for the people going to California, Arizona, or anywhere else if they go for jobs. When business leaders, large companies, and governments are parasites on a large city, they can't expect the metro area to develop stronger industries and cutting edge businesses. If you want more economic clout, you must build up your urban core.

Sure, Hamilton County is second "worst" for population loss in the state, but we were not worse than Cleveland. Where's the comparison? What's the difference between the lowerest three ranked counties in the State? How do we rank with other urban counties across the country? Are we any different than St. Louis or Milwaukee?

How many reasons people gave for leaving were really excuses?

Also, when did white flight get the politically correct term of "outmigration?"

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