Friday, July 06, 2012

Celebrate the Renewed Washington Park!

Today is the start of a new era for Over-the-Rhine. The opening of Washington Park is corner stone in the revitalization of the neighborhood. A place built for all to enjoy, the park will be a location for people share the elements of life that make it worth living. Music, art, children, pets, play, sport and recreation are some of the elements that await everyone who wants to experience them.  Please check out the calendar of events and delve yourself into the community.  I'd point out City Flea taking place on Saturday, July 14th.

I hope the park never returns to what it was, a wasted space. There are some who want it to return to a dumping ground for trash, crime, and abuse. That will not happen. Spread the word on the rules of the park and help keep vigilance. This park is for everyone, but that doesn't mean a few get to do what ever they want. If there are any groups or individuals that knowingly break these rules, please report them. If they don't know the rules, point them out.  If nothing else, take a photo of the violation and send it to me, I'll post it and expose those who seek to destroy what will be the beacon of OTR.

This park is part of the community and the community must take care of it.


  1. Did you hear this story on NPR?

  2. You know, I saw a lot of photos of the new Washington Park, and what really struck me was how vastly different the demographic is. I'm a democrat. I want things to change in Cincinnati, but I don't find it palatable to make improvements at the expense of an entire socioeconomic (read: racial) group.

    So you've rid the area of "trash, crime and abuse." Great. But somewhere along the way, a culture got lost in the mix. That doesn't sit well with me, and if you truly strive for an environment where all socioeconomic groups are welcome, then it shouldn't sit well with you, either.

    I wonder where all those displaced by this "revitalization" have gone. Surely they're not sticking around for your $500k condos or your $10 hot dogs.

    But who cares, right? After all, "out of sight, out of mind" is a time-tested philosophy.

  3. I get your point Cinti Blog, but it is harsh. I'm drained, to tired to give points. However, your post reads as if you're sitting on your mighthy horse. Be careful, you might fall off. Everyone likes safe places, where all FEEL welcome.
    The 1% with their greed and corporate welfare are buying up properties and leaving the other 99% homeless. There are good 1 percenters, but few and far in between.
    Read Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box and you'll get my point.

    /Sure there are good rich guys, but

  4. Three Points:
    1. No one living was "displaced" during the rehab of Washington Park. No one lived in the park. If they somehow were, they were breaking the law.
    2. The Park was built for the 100% and 99.99 % of the people who are going to go there are from the so called "99%". It would appear the CAJD is confused on what makes up the socio-economic definition of the 99%.
    3. Other than the Metropole (which is not in OTR) no one has provided the location or the name of ANYONE who was LEGALLY living in a location in OTR and forced out because of redevelopment. The claims are made, but no one provides evidence of those claims.

    1. Regarding point #3, which is the only one that seems worth addressing - That's because 3CDC won't buy a building with residents. It has to be vacant. So slumlords evict people and then sell to turn it into overpriced condos.

    2. But, I should also say, 3CDC did a great job with Washington Park. I was afraid it would be as overly white as said condos, but it's not - it's really a great neighborhood spot, for everyone, white or black.

    3. Kate,
      What Slum Lords did that? What are the addresses of buildings where they did it and when did it happen? How many were displaced? What are their names? If there is evidence of this, there must be facts reported to go with it. Just because an activist says it happened, does't mean it happened. There needs to be documented details that can be verified. If this happened, I would report it, The Enquirer would report it, and most certainly CityBeat would report it. I've not read it in any credible news source.


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