Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kathy Y. Wilson, Island of Trite

Year 2000 called and they want their argument back. I'll guess I should have just wait for the Black United Front's 12 year late press release before I wrote my blog post, but instead I going to look at the present and at reality.

I am reminded of a story I head once about Kabaka Oba, the late black-supremacist, who was protesting the performance of a play at the Know Theatre called Corpus Christi. He struck up a conversation with someone supporting the Theatre and they asked him if he had seen or read the play. He said no. They then asked Oba how could he honestly complain about the play if he had never seen or read the play. Kabaka Oba paused for a moment of thought, and said something like "you're right, I'm going to have to think about that." He then left and wasn't seen protesting the play again.

I guess the comments on the column are just rewards for this blatantly phoned in attempt to generate controversy. I understand that being a lesbian black woman would make me feel like I don't fit in anywhere in the far to often bigoted/racist world, but I wouldn't allow that to lead me to repetitive contrarianism.

I guess someone else at CityBeat doesn't just want a pony, she wants a blue pony and will stomp her feat until she gets it.


  1. "If you mix it, I will come."
    I guess if an event doesn't appeal to every single Cincinnatian, then it's not worth doing.

    She has a point that there has been a live music monoculture in nightclubs. Of course, I don't go to clubs anymore, so it's not really my place to criticize. And I don't think Bill Donabedian is the person to become Cincinnati's GZA.

  2. Why in the world did they keep HER on staff? She's been tired for years.

  3. I love this comment:

    "If you couldn’t find one artist in the lineup that interested you then you’re not a fan of “all kinds of music”; you don’t like alternative/indie rock music, which was the genre of this festival. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there are different genres of music, and sometimes festivals cater to a specific one."


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