Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If Peter Bronson was still a columnist

It has been years since I have written about former Enquirer Columnist Peter Bronson, so his current doings are a mystery to me. I believe, however, that if he were still writing for the Enquirer, he would be gushing the praise, as I feel, for the World Choir Games. This is an event that everyone can support and feel proud that people of all backgrounds made happen in our city.

As I type this out on my iPhone while standing on Fountain Square with my third beer in my hand, I feel utter joy. I don't know much about the choirs competing in the World Choir Games, but I feel like I am a witness to the best of humanity.

Youngish Asian men are break-dancing with roots music playing. Tons of people are watching, taking photos, and having a wonderful time. This is humanity. This is Our Cincinnati.

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