Friday, November 04, 2011

Quimbob Has a Great Take on the Anti-Rail Camp

Quimbob at Blogging Isn't Cool has a thorough summary and analysis of Issue 48 and it's advocates and opposition.  His summary of those in-favor of Issue 48 (the anti-rail camp) is succinct and very valid:
A quick look at the supporters of this issue reveals a rogues gallery of self interest groups who all derive their existence in part or whole from the public trough - all led by an Erisian COA T.
Some of the Greens are pretty wack. Their position explanation uses phrases like "mowing down people in the street". Westwood cares little for other neighborhoods or the city at large. This is the neighborhood that considered secession from the city. The ministers group seems to be the same crew that got called out for being absentee slumlords in WCPO's Visions of Vine Street.
CODE is the city employee union that was concocted by a woman seemingly for the sole purpose of swindling her coworkers. It will be interesting to see how that pedigree effects them in the future. The safety unions don't seem to see the benefit of improving a neighborhood where they frequently risk their lives dealing with vice and abandoned buildings owned by uncaring absentee landlords. Given the low scores of council candidates on the NAACP's scorecard, one has to wonder how relevant the organization is. If their goals are so important, how come next to nobody seems to realize it?
It reminds one of William Burroughs' discussion of Junky Relations. They all need each other but absolutely hate each other because they all are competing for the same supply of junk.


  1. To be fair, I wouldn't advise denigrating Westwood like this. Westwood Concern is quite unconcerned with Westwood residents at large. This is evident if you go back to 2009 and see that Westwood (Ward 26) actually voted DOWN Issue 9 in that election. Nicholas Hollan has led a very successful effort to represent Westwood in a much more positive, constructive, and closer to reality way than WW Concern ever did (or will).

  2. I'd agree with Coleman; WW is actually a more diverse and more progressive area than it gets credit for. WW Concern (and the WCA), on the other hand...

    And as a former Green city council candidate, I'd just like to say I don't know what happened. They used to be in favor of things like better transit. I don't regret leaving them.


  3. What happened was the local leadership's decision to eschew principles and long-term vision to utilize wedge issues to form alliances with other local special interest groups to score "wins" rather than "progress".

    For the record, Westwood never took Westwood Concern's threat to secede from the city seriously. Westwood, the neighborhood, never tried to leave Cincinnati or merge with Cheviot.


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