Monday, October 10, 2011

Wayne Lippert Is a REPUBLICAN, Don't Forget That

If you have seen Cincinnati Council member Wayne Lippert's political TV commercial (search for it on YouTube) then you can conclude many things about him, but the one that stands out to me is that he is a hardcore national REPUBLICAN. I put that in capital letters to draw extra attention to it. He's not a Cincinnati Republican running for City Council, he is a RNC inspired candidate pushing a National REPUBLICAN agenda. That is not good for the city.

His commercial could have been written by REPUBLICAN House Speaker John Boehner. It is like he knows nothing more about the City than a West Chesterite listening to 700WLW knows. If you use national political GOP talking points like "Job Killing" in your local TV Ad, then I dismiss your participation in City Politics as nothing more than a prelude to moving to the suburbs to run for the U.S. Congress. It is clear to me that Lippert is going through the motions before he runs for higher office, not actually working to unite and better the city. You don't say we are on the wrong track without telling us what we should be doing, but doing that doesn't get votes. Using rhetoric that preaches a contradiction, (refusing to cut police while not rasing taxes), is evidence that you are ALL about getting votes, not about having a plan to improve the city.

I don't know why he did not move to Anderson Township and plan for higher office from there? In the city he is doing nothing but pushing a national GOP agenda that is bent on the destruction of cities and the protection of the wealthy. Lippert is carrying that water so far without any variance.


  1. Most of the places that I see Lippert signs are in the yards of rental properties and apartment buildings in the poorer areas of town. Slumlords love them some Lippert. I also see yard signs for him out in republican Green Township. That some asshat who doesn't live in Cincinnati would have a Lippert sign in their yard is beyond ridiculous, and just goes to further prove that Lippert is the candidate who is being pushed by the GOP. This clown hates the City with the passion of a typical Bill Cunningham caller, and you can bet that Council is just a stepping stone for his political ambitions.

  2. Wayne Lippert = Chris Monzel v2.0

  3. When I saw Lippert's ad the first thing I thought was, Wayne has to know people in Mason cannot vote for him right?
    Well maybe not, he does seem that clueless.

  4. Wayne Lippert was a streetcar supporter before he was appointed to council.

  5. You have to many outsiders in city politics in Cincinnati today. Most are from Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama, and other part's south. We need more Cincinnatians on city council, who understands the city's political needs and have grown up here. Only they, could possibly know what changes the city needs or how to implement those political, social and economic changes that would most likely benefit the town. Political stonewalling is usually due to cultural and regional traditions. Sometimes you can mix the soup up to much and what you get is everybody going their own way.


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