Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Finney Takes In Big Money From Suing Governments

Once of COAST's main agitators, Chris Finney, regularly sues local governments. It is my opinion he does this to punish his political foes.  However, there's another reason he does it: money.  The Enquirer is reporting that Finney and another attorney have collected over $150,000 in legals fees after suing local governments over the last seven years.

If this was about civic duty, they wouldn't have collected a dime.

Now to point out the obvious: Why this matters?  COAST is against any 'additional spending.'  Their efforts have been targeted against selected government officials and organizations, not consistent and balanced against all municipalities and political parties.  What's funny is that Finney stated the following in the article:
"We want everybody to play by the rules," Finney said. "I want them to be fearful that if they do something like this, they'll be sued."
The funny part is that when he says 'everybody' I wonder if he means 'everybody I don't like' instead?  I'm wondering if Finney is putting the same scrutiny on Republican politicians.  Did he do the same type of check on the Anderson Township administration and board of trustees?  Did he do that on the County's two Republican Commissioners' staff?  I would bet no and no.


  1. Well he does appear to have a hard on for Republican, Jean Schmidt.
    Which makes me wonder, given his rude, infantile addressing of Bridget Doherty and now going after Quinlivan, if he & COA T just have issues with women.

  2. COAST-endorsed city council candidate Charlie Winburn utilizes his campaign website in a similar manner to publish and circulate his "Winburn Report" newsletters:

  3. COAST consists of a bunch of deadbeats and sociopaths. Finney is a shyster who is running a scheme to enrich himself at our expense. Their Chairman Jason Gloyd lost his home in foreclosure due to not paying his mortgage, the house was sold at sheriff's auction.

    Their Treasurer Mark Miller is a chronic deadbeat. He was sued by Xavier High School TWICE for not paying his bills to them and his home was in foreclosure twice. From public records freely available to everyone at the Clerk of Court's website:

    Miller was also sued by the man who put an addition on his house. Mark Miller stiffed the guy and he had to sue to collect the money owed to him: 0401200

    COAST's motto should be "Fiscal Responsibility For Thee, But Not For Me"

  4. AND

  5. And, it would not be a proper hat-trick without this gem, as well:

    Stephan Louis has a record of making false statements during elections. In 2003, the Ohio Election Commission (under a Republican government) found Stephan Louis' ALERT (a sub-group of COAST) guilty of making false statements in an advertisement during the 2002 MetroMoves campaign.

    Additionally, Christopher Smitherman will say anything to convince people to vote for his pet agenda:


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