Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ghiz Conflict of Interest?

I did not see this mentioned in the the Leslie Ghiz and Wayne Lippert's grandstanding letter protesting the protests, but Leslie Ghiz's law practice is located on Garfield Place, right across the street from the protests at Piatt Park.  I find that to be a huge conflict of interest. Is Council Member Ghiz acting as a member of City County or as the owner of a business affected by the protests?

She should not take any additional action on this issue.  Let those without anything to gain from prosecution of the protesters to act on behalf of the City.  We also don't need arrests.  That will not do the city any good.

Further more: a vote of no confidence?  Seriously,  Ghiz and Lippert want to talk about confidence?  I am sure no one has foreclosed on either of Leslie's or Wayne's Glass Houses.

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  1. So Leslie Ghiz has decided to post on her Facebook page personal information from Occupy Cincinnati folks who have emailed her (thru her campaign website, she says) regarding her position on the folks at the park. Not sure of Facebook rules, but I'm wondering if that's a violation. What an absolute class act she is, no?


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