Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SPAETHC Provides Analysis of the CBD Grocery Shopping Options

SPAETHC from Cincyvoices does some research and provides an analysis of the grocery options in the central business district, aka Downtown. He purposely leaves out OTR, which has a small Kroger's and Findley Market.

He brings to mind a big question: how far away is a grocery store away from a non-downtown resident?  The Newport Kroger and the Corryville Kroger are 5 to 10 minutes away by car. Is that not how long it would take for most people in Hyde Park, Oakley, and Mt. Lookout to get to the Hyde Park Kroger?


  1. I have asked myself that same question and even brought it up in my initial draft, but I cut it from the final draft. Yes, downtown residents don't really have to travel much further than a suburbanite. So the argument can be made that it isn't a necessity. But there are more in the city w/o a car than in the burbs. For that reason, and other reasons brought up in the story, I think downtown is a good market for a better grocery option than what is currently there.

    I just wanted to take a look at the CBD grocery options because many times when someone hears I live downtown they will ask what I do for groceries. For those wondering, did not cover OTR because urban cincy recently extensively covered that angle and we have other writers who are going to do stories about Findlay. Also, there are true food deserts in the Cincy area that need to be addressed and that is a story that will likely be covered on Cincy Voices in the near future.

  2. Just to support Clint's point, aside from many people who live downtown not owning a car, there's also the fact that people pay a premium to live in the CBD, and there's a certain lifestyle expectation that comes with that premium -- people want to be able to walk to many things they need and want, and walkable grocery-shopping, though certainly not impossible, takes some coordination and also limits one's choices.


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