Friday, August 26, 2011


There are a few Cincinnati City Council candidates who need their signatures verified, but everything's been turned in and the list of candidates for the ride of a lifetime are as follows:

Chris Bortz (C)
Leslie Ghiz (R)
Wayne Lippert Jr. (R)
Amy Murray (R)
Roxanne Qualls (C/D)
Laure Quinlivan (D)
Cecil Thomas (D)
Charlie Winburn (R)
Wendell Young (D)

Previous Candidates:
Kevin Flynn (C)
Nicholas Hollan (D)
Christopher Smitherman (I)

New Candidates:
Jacqueline Allen (I) *
Mike Allen (I)
Kathy Atkinson (I)
Patricia McCollum (I)
Sandra Queen Noble (I)
Jason Riveiro (D)
Chris Seelbach (D)
Yvette Simpson (C/D)
P.G. Sittenfeld (D)
Catherine Smith Mills (R)

Write in Candidate:
Orlando Welborn

More from CityBeat and the Enquirer.

*Please note that CityBeat and the Enquirer have slightly different lists.  CityBeat includes Jacqueline Allen, the Enquirer does not.  CityBeat indicated J. Allen had turned in enough signatures, but was among those waiting for the signatures to be verified.  I am not aware that the verification were completed.

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