Monday, August 29, 2011

Bigotry Wins a Battle in a Local Catholic High School

It is sad, but not a surprise that the Cincinnati Archdiocese bowed to local and national pressure from anti-Muslim groups and parents.  Archbishop Dennis Schnurr cancelled a potluck dinner at Mother of Mercy High School in Westwood between students and local Muslims. The dinner was to be Ramadan meal and was meant as a way for students to learn about and meet local Muslims in hopes to better understanding the religion and the people who practice it. Instead, the event at the school was cancelled and a different Catholic group in University Heights will hold the event, without the school's involvement.

Teaching that bigotry wins is the result of this incident. That will create more bigotry. What is worse is that some parents, like Kelly Jennings, are teaching bigotry directly by acting to prevent this event. I just don't understand the fear and ignorance of fools like Jennings. They appear to live in bubble, with just a single tube of information flowing in and scared stiff that adding more sources will pop their mythical safety net.  This lingering bigotry is so foolish, yet so hard to break.

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