Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Winburn Uses Council Meeting For Campaign Stunt

Council member Charlie Winburn wants to have a Council Meeting during his Campaign Stunt. So he's gotten the two appointed Republican council members to help him create a faux council meeting to use a prop in his Campaign for city council. This meeting takes place Wednesday evening (May 11th) at 6PM, so if you have time, go down and ask Charlie Winburn why he is using a council meeting as a prop in his Campaign stunt. I'd also advise asking him why he sent out a pdf flier about his campaign stunt disguised as a Council meeting with his picture on it with a doozy of a quote, which reads:
“Although I do not support the streetcar, I think we need to hold the Mayor, City Manager, and City Council accountable for wasting $99 million of taxpayer money.
So, first, what a poorly written quote. It reminds me of using the same word more than once in a sentence. Like: The fast lemming moved really fast over the cliff. Secondly, what kind of an ass emails this kind of thing from his council email? It is tacky. It is a waste of time and resources and it's only purpose is to give Winburn (and his GOP accomplices) a platform to campaign for council.  It doesn't appear to break any obvious rules, but it certainly was designed to skirt the law and promote his candidacy.  Here's what it looked like:
A classless act, but it's nothing new from Winburn.


  1. This is interesting to say the least. Is there, in fact, going to be a "special session" of City Council. Does that have some formal, legal meaning. I hadn't realized scrutinized the email when I received it, but this almost seems deceptive if it's just a faux gathering for Winburn, Lippert & Murray. Perhaps I'm not understanding what they're actually doing.

  2. Turn off the cameras & see if the Windbag even shows up.

  3. Why is Winburn showing a picture of a bus on his flyer for a special meeting about the recent changes to the Cincinnati Streetcar?

  4. Randy FTW! Looks to me, a sleeker version of an articulted bus, not unlike something Cincinnati already has now!

  5. He probably was given the image by COAST.


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