Sunday, October 04, 2009

People Not To Vote For

For anyone who cares about developing the City or the Region, here are people you DO NOT want to vote for. This link is of course the COAST endorsements and it includes Wenstrup for Mayor, which is not a surprise, but on the other hand it only includes two for city council: Monzel and Winburn. That goes to show that signing COAST's pledge is not worth much and likely will cost votes for Ghiz, Murray, Ward and Zamary. All four signed COAST's handcuffing pledge, but get don't get the endorsement because the four are not foolish enough to support COAST's crusade to block any and all Minor or Major passenger rail. I added the minor and major phrase there because that is something new from the COASTers. In the comments along with the Council endorsements they state the following:
Both have taken strong public positions to advance responsible spending, and have pledged not to raise taxes or fees. They also strongly advocate that the people should have a right to vote on any sale of the Water Works, or major passenger rail purchase.
Once again COAST is misleading people as to what issue 9 states and its impact if passed. Let's recap the language once again:
Shall the Charter of the City of Cincinnati be amended to prohibit the city, and its various boards and commissions, from spending any monies for right-of-way acquisition or construction of improvements for passenger rail transportation (e.g. a trolley or streetcar) within the city limits without first submitting the question of approval of such expenditure to a vote of the electorate of the city and receiving a majority affirmative vote for the same, by enacting new Article XIV? YES NO
The important thing to know, is that issue 9 covers "spending any monies" which includes purchases, maintenance, signs, salaries, or anything. This is about spending money, not just new purchases. It also just says "passenger rail transportation" and mentions nothing about "major," so it covers the Zoo Train, no matter what COAST says to try and mislead you.

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