Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bengals Thread

Just out of curiosity: if this past August, someone had told you that five weeks into the season, the Bengals would be 4-1--and undefeated in the division after playing each of their division opponents once--what would have been your reaction?

I'll be honest: I'd have laughed at you.

There's a good number of people who just can't wait to point out that the Bengals are "four plays away" from being 0-5. Fine. But they're also just one play away from being 5-0. So let's deal with what is, not what could have been. The Bengals defense, for the first time, is looking as formidable as we thought Marvin Lewis might be able to make a defense look. The offense is starting to look nearly as good as it did in 2005.

And could someone please get our tight end some Stickum?

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