Friday, October 02, 2009

City Council: What Could Be vs. What (Probably) Will Be

I've been wondering lately: what will City Council look like in 2010? I've got two lists. The first is what might make for an interesting Council. These aren't endorsements or a suggestion of who anyone should vote for or support; instead, it's merely a list of 9 people who would create an interesting working group. The second list is who I think will be on Council next year (certainly not endorsements, either).

The interesting list:

Chris Bortz
Tony Fischer
Kevin Flynn
Greg Harris
Leslie Ghiz
Amy Murray
LaMarque Ward
Bernadette Watson
Wendell Young

My prediction of who will win:

Jeff Berding
Chris Bortz
Laketa Cole
Greg Harris
Leslie Ghiz
Chris Monzel
Roxanne Qualls
Cecil Thomas
Bernadette Watson; Charlie Winburn; Tony Fischer; or Laure Quinlivan (in order of their likelihood of winning the ninth seat)

Anyone care to make a prediction?

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