Monday, May 25, 2009

Streetcars and Taste

I'd been trying to figure out what would happen to a Cincinnati streetcar during Taste of Cincinnati (and Oktoberfest).  The streetcar would cross Fifth Street twice, on Walnut (going south) and on Main (going north).  Both of these intersections are closed this weekend and during Oktoberfest.  Here's the answer from the feasibility study:

How will the system operate when there are street closures for special events?
The system will continue to run according to its normal route and schedule, except in areas that are temporarily closed. As the design progresses, optional turnouts may be designed to accommodate special event street closures. This will enable the streetcar to maintain service in the rest of the system during these brief special events.
How will that work, though?  Does this mean building a line connecting Walnut and Main via Sixth, Seventh, or another street north of Fifth?  The streetcars are designed to only travel one way on a particular track; you can't just have the streetcar come down Walnut to Fifth, stop, and reverse course.  (And even if you could, it would run into another southbound streetcar in a few minutes).

Anyone have a better handle on this?

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