Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cincinnati Will Miss Pierce, Even If It Doesn't Know It Yet

I was disappointed to see Griff's post reporting on Margo Pierce's upcoming departure from CityBeat.  For some time, Ms. Pierce has been writing on issues in Cincinnati that no one else is bringing to light.

I've not always agreed with Ms. Pierce, but I will certainly notice her absence.  Of all the reporters in Cincinnati, she's the only one who regularly writes in-depth stories on our criminal justice system--and she does so with a keen insight lacking in the "mainstream media."

Writing for print publication is tough.  (I should know....I was recently invited to write for a print publication, and crapped out.  I've apparently gotten too used to this blog and legal briefs to write anything that is (a) longer than a few sentences, and (b) of even moderate interest to a general audience.)  But Ms. Pierce does so with much skill, and her voice will be missed in Cincinnati.

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