Friday, May 22, 2009

Know Founder to Leave Company

Know Theatre Founder Jay Kalagayan will leave the company by Fall. This is sad news for the theatre community and those of us who have been fans and supporters of the Know Theatre for many years.

Jay is the Know the Theatre. His commitment to it over 12 years is an amazing testament to him as a person. He took a small troop and built it up into an institution. I can't look past the many times I spent drinking a beer with Jay and his conversation went to the theatre, either promoting the next show, seeking volunteers, or looking for something he could procure for the actors/staff. A joke often shared amongst his friends was that Jay was able to feed some of his staff, particularity a skinny technical director, who was keep alive with the endless Chipotle free burrito coupons Jay was able to collect.

Jay has wonderful family who will really enjoy more time with him. I expect Jay will move on to new exciting things, but he'll still end up at the theater for a show or just to check on his creation. I personally want to wish Jay the best of luck.

For more check out this from the Dayton Daily News.

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