Thursday, December 11, 2008

More County Revenue

With a majority of the HamCo County commissioners apparently ready to sell advertising space on HamCo websites, maybe we should consider other places where ads could be sold:
  • Video screens in the County courthouse (particularly the first and second floors). How many attorneys would pay big bucks for ad space there?
  • County vehicles: ads could be sold until they looked like NASCAR cars.
  • The Justice Center holding cells. Ads for bail bondsmen and--again--lawyers would sell quickly. And maybe the manufacturers of the products in the commissary would want to get in on the action.
  • Corporate sponsorships for various departments. How about the MetLife Coroner's Office? Or the H&R Block Treasurer's Office?
  • The Commissioners themselves. They could be like boxers, and get henna tattoos before each Commission meeting. (Of course, they'd then need to attend the meeting topless.)
Any other suggestions?

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