Monday, January 14, 2008

Throwing Fruit From the Cheap Seats

It appears that Joe Deters thinks it wise to attack Cincinnati with out of date rhetoric, much of which, based on the excerpts, is just baseless. It is funny how many suburbanites posted comments on the Enquirer Blog, with comments like: "I go downtown twice a year." It is so disheartening to read a so-called "leader" of the community spout baseless crap from a distance. One would think that a leader would want to set an example, not instill panic.

The placement of this editorial in a fluffy lifestyle magazine is fairly clearly meant to be part of part of Deters re-election kickoff, even if the outlet is less than mainstream. What better way to fend off an opponent, then to put fear into the suburbanites? The Sharonville (et al) crowd fears the City based on the myths perpetuated on many fronts. One such front is the political rhetoric of people like Joe Deters. At this point Deters looks like a fear mongering fool when he has no one facing him in the election. Throwing fruit at the City is easy when you distance yourself both physically and rhetorically.

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