Saturday, January 05, 2008

Main Street Plan

Main Street, for those who haven't been down recently, is going through a few changes. That leaves it in a bit of a down period with recent closings and slow progress on opening up the new places. It's also been rougher as of late, including the New Year's Eve/Day murder at Ocho Rios. That said, there is something of a Plan. 3CDC appears to be on the case now, and is lending support to the effort to do to Main Street what is happening over here on Vine Street. Key points of their plan appear to include:
  1. Don't just let any fly by night promoter operate a bar.
  2. Look for Critical mass.
  3. Get more residents, make it a neighborhood with entertainment, instead of just an entertainment district.
  4. Get 3CDC to help.
  5. Fill the store fronts.
There is more to the the plans, and the article doesn't indicate they've got any type of formal or truly structured plan, but on there ground there is a manifestation of consistence starting to form. If we all can wait it out, I'm actually optimistic we will see most the venues mentioned reopen.

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