Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Homicides Dropped 25% in 2007

68 is not a number to be happy about but a drop of 25% is worth a cheer. I'd like to know how the rest of the area's jurisdictions faired. The fact that the media doesn't pay attention to murder rate changes in other areas means that we don't hear about it, unless you want to go out and gather news like a journalist on your own. If you are up for pestering a suburban police department that likely will give you a hard time about handing over stats, then have at it. We are less likely to know about things like how many murders took place in Fairfield, Mason, or Hamilton, since we have one less news gathering outlet.

Since it is New Year's Day, I don't know what kind of city bashers I'll get. They've been fairly quiet in 2007. In 2007 the City turned a corner. It is not there yet, but it is really starting to gel. It is hard to attack success, but I'm sure some troll will try.

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