Friday, December 08, 2006

Smoking Still Has Baby Teeth

The State Agreed at the last minute not to enforce the smoking ban until rules are established. That will hopefully happen quickly. This does not give smoker's the freedom to smoke as they please. This does give business owners to do as they please without the state sanctioning them. Businesses would do more in the long run to comply with the law now. Let the diehards at neighborhood dives keep smoking, but large bars should just get used to it.

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  1. We feel that the important thing is the infringement upon private property rights. We feel some are not familiar with the Western canon or the foundations of our civilization and our form of government. We shall suffice with paraphrasing John Locke, a significant contributor to the moral and political philosophy upon which the United States was founded. All rights are derived from personal property rights. Von Hayek recognized, unlike our citizenry, in his The Road to Serfdom this most salient aspect of liberty when he stated, "The system of private property is the most important guaranty of freedom, not only for those who own property, but scarcely less for those who do not." The crux is the failure to recognize the undermining of private property rights.


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