Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Anti-City GOP at Work

If you ask Russ Jackson, Republican Trustee of Anderson Township, the Freedom Center should not get any addtional state funding:
Anderson and Sycamore, two of the 37 townships in the region, recently passed resolutions calling on state legislators not to continue funding the center. Anderson Township Trustee Russ Jackson was among those challenging state funding for the Freedom Center.

"I did not feel it was appropriate that any additional taxpayer dollars go into the project," he said.

Jackson said he cares as a state taxpayer, noting that it should be up to city taxpayers to subsidize any remaining Freedom Center debt. And future state legislatures shouldn't be held responsible for past promises, Jackson said.
Why does Jackson and other Republicans hate the Freedom Center? Is it a race issue? Is it a hatred for the City? Is it both? Why is the Freedom Center being singled out? This is yet another shining example of suburban bias towards the city. For some it also shows a sense of racial bigotry. What drives these politians to be this obtrusive towards community development outside the 3 block radius around their house?

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