Sunday, December 31, 2006

Most Important News Stories of the Year

Here we go, my pick of the most important news stories in the Cincinnati Region for 2006. In reverse order:

10. Smoking Ban Passes - No major reports yet on loss of business by bar owners.
9. Entertainment zone moves south to Downtown - Main Street Entertainment District shrivels
8. City of Cincinnati Budget Fiasco - details on cuts still not clear - arts funding impact unknown
7. CCV fails to get Anti-gay issue on ballot - signature effort faced charges of fraud
6. Music Scene in City continues vibrancy with return of WOXY, rise of local music acts on the national stage (Heartless Bastards and half of Racuntours), and the great lineups at the music festivals (however the attendance levels were not stellar).
5. Schmidt and Chabot hold off Wulsin and Cranley
4. Newport Riverfront Development
3. Rebirth of Fountain Square - Ice Rink and Holiday events draw great crowds
2. Dems Gain Statewide Ohio Offices
1. Pepper defeats Heimlich and Dems take control of County Commission

Here are the Enquirer's Top Stories for Ohio and NKY. The bias of Enquirer is most evident in their play up of Butler County and their backhanded praise of Fountain Square.

Most Over reported Stories of the Year:
  • Murder rate in Cincinnati
  • Bengals Arrests
  • Marcus Fiesel tragedy - Yes, it was horrible, but making the case a spectacle is also horrible.
  • Every closing of a restaurant in the City.
  • Enquirer's obsession with reality TV - Jerry Springer is just not that interesting.
Most Under Reported Stories of the Year
  • The opening of New restaurants in the City.
  • Local politics, especially on local television news.
  • Power struggle for WAIF
  • Commercial Radio changes - Station swapping - Clear channel layoffs just before announcing huge station sell-off.
  • Level of bigotry/racism behind illegal immigration crackdown
  • Level of irrational fear of the City of Cincinnati (not just Downtown) by outside the I-275 loop suburban residents.

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