Friday, June 16, 2006

Jail, Jail, Everywhere, But Not a Place to Build It

It appears that the townships of Hamilton County are all for NOT building a new county jail in their neighborhoods. Their reasoning is right out of the "Grasping at Straws" book of public debate.
"Entertaining the idea of putting the new jail in an area inaccessible to the current Justice Center and Courthouse is short-sighted and unworkable," stated Wagner. "With the price of gas, it is ludicrous to transport criminals back and forth between the Court House in downtown Cincinnati to an area in the northern part of the county. What a terrible waste of time, energy and manpower!"
Gas prices? Are they joking? Claiming that building a jail that will hopefully last 50 years or more should be based, even in part, on the cost of fuel is a funny enough notion for even Si Leis to chuckle.

If you don't want the jail, fine, people understand why, but that is not an excuse they should be allowed to use. What people need to do is belly up to the bar and buy everyone else a round of drinks once in while. Colerain Township isn't any better or worse than the rest of the County. Downtown can't afford to waste land on a new jail and the current jail is sufficient to handle those awaiting trial or on trial.

If there was a way to level the downtown jail, and build a much smaller holding area for trials, that would be the ideal solution for the needed development of Broadway Commons, Sycamore and Main Streets. I shall not hold my breath for the non-city governments and populace to do anything to help out the city.


  1. I got a great place to put it.
    There use to be a scrap yard at third and gest street. It's near the juvenile detention building. It's only neighbor really is the longworth building. Other than that, highways, warehouises, manufacturing.

  2. O:K Brainiacs, Here's the missing link ( best of my memory)

    Heimlich proposed to sell off county owned properties and USE THE MONEY for a NEW jail's location!! The missing prepositional phrase ( for those of you who are not news junkie or Enquirer reporters on local politics) is inserted in the quote below so it makes sense for everyone;

    ...the decision made by Heimlich to sell county owned property TO GET THE MONEY that might be useful for the NEW jail'S location...

    That is what Pepper and Portune were referring to , and the Educational Service Center was one of the properties that had been discussed that wasn't being used OR ANTICIPATED TO BE USED IN THE FUTURE for ANY county service.

    So, Heimlich cannot correlate his own plans for raising the revenues to build a jail with the statement made by Pepper and Portune stating that they wanted to "table" those plans at this juncture.

    When Heimlich asks Portune "what site might be useful for the jail location" he further demonstrates that he cannot remember what BS he last fed to the public about his plans for financing a new jail, thinking the press release is referring to a site for a jail rather the a property to be sold - which he, himself, proposed.

    Portune, actually, is answering two differnet questions - what property would be beneficial for a jail ( which is not the context of the press release being referenced) and what property he, Heimlich, proposed to be sold as Heimlich hands him the press release.

    Heimlich, Honey, you proposed selling the Educational Service Center among other properties -- don't you remember? Thank goodness Todd knows what YOU'RE talking about and can keep track of your BS!!!

    Now, I understand why the average Joe might not be able to follow the line of politics of Heimlcih - but these people being paid to report to us the proposals(news) -and the persons making the proposals (Heimlich) -- why they can't decipher a reference to Heimlich's own proposal -- I don't understand.

    Todd's answer was correct. Someone please explain to Heimlich and the Enquirer what this exchange was about - in simple terms with lots of footnotes.

    Then, Pepper should file an elections complaint citing Heimlich's own proposal,the tape of the meeting, Heimlich's website ( making known false statements) and put the Township official under oath as well as her "informant" --

    Let the games begin!


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