Saturday, August 06, 2005

Debate? What debate?

In today's opinion section of the Enquirer, Kathleen Parker gives perhaps the worst argument I have heard so far on why intelligent design should be given a ticket to the curriculum ball in our public school systems.

She first quotes president Bush, who states the following: "'re asking me whether or not people ought to be exposed to different ideas, and the answer is yes.". That is transcendental comedy from this guy. There has been no presidential administration in recent memory that has gone to greater lengths to ensure that all of its members have nearly exactly the same thoughts on every issue. Heck, on Iraq alone, anyone that has disagreed with the party line has been villified (Paul O'Neill), crucified (Richard Clarke), nudged out the door (Colin Powell), or had their wife's covert status with the CIA revealed in several periodicals (nuff said). So let's dispose of that idea right now.

Playing 'devil's advocate', she then makes the argument '...what if ID were taught in the interest of making education more interesting?'. In the words of Jon Stewart, whaaaaaaaa? I'm sorry, maybe I missed something, I thought that school was meant to teach subjects based in fact, not untested theory for the purpose of livening things up. Science experiments where mixing two chemicals makes them fizz over a Pyrex jar is interesting. Hearing a guest speaker explain how you use the skills you learn in school in the real world is interesting. Laerning about a theory that has all of the scientific basis of 2+2=6 is not interesting.

As a 14-year old freshman, however, I can tell you exactly what would have made school more interesting for me: hot teachers in bikinis (Women feel free to fill in your own idea there)! Seriously, if high school was 4 years of nothing but a Van Halen video, I would have found it far more interesting...whether I would have learned any more is up for debate.

That argument failing, Ms. Parker then pulls the new right-wing line that ID is not exactly creationism, but rather whether '...the apparent design in nature observed by biologists is genuine design (the product of an organizing intelligence) or is simply the product of chance and mechanical natural laws.'. So what exactly would an 'organizing intelligence' be if it were not God? And how exactly do you prove scientifically that there is an 'organizing intelligence'? Is George Burns going to come down in a golf cap and tan slacks and tell us he's God again? Further, if somehow the planets align and you were able to prove ID, whose God put it all together? Jesus? Allah? Buddah? Jobu from Major League?

(And let's not kid ourselves, Bush may be calling it ID now, but he's clearly got a track record of wanting creationism taught in the schools. See these quotes from 1999. And if you say that he changed his mind, well then he was for creationism before he was against it, and damnit that makes him a flip-flopper, and we know how bad that is.)

This is typical of the current conservative playbook. They throw out an idea that is completely out of left field, and when it is dismissed they demand that it should be part of the debate, because if it's not then the media is trying to silence them because they're just a bunch of liberals. It's like offering to buy a new Mustang for $2 and then demanding that the bid be considered, so you can compromise in the middle and get a $30K car for $15K.


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Friday, August 05, 2005

Mayoral Race Polling Data

A recent WCPO/Survey-USA poll shows 3 main contenders for the 2 available primary spots.

QUESTION: On September 13th, Cincinnati will have a Primary for Mayor. If the Primary for Mayor of Cincinnati were today, and you were standing in the voting booth right now, who would you vote for? Mark Mallory? David Pepper? Alicia Reece? Charlie Winburn? Or some other candidate?

According to the article
Of 583 likely registered voters, 27% would vote for Alicia Reece; 24% for David Pepper; and 23% for Mark Mallory.

Korte has the breakdown by age, race, sex, party affiliation, education, and ideology.

The thing that sticks out in the breakdown for me is the fact that Pepper did better among Republicans than Winburn did. What does this say about these two candidates specifically, and more importantly what does it say about the state of the local Republican party?

It is also important to keep in mind that, according to the Korte article
The methodology -- a touch-tone poll in which randomly selected respondents answer recorded questions read by WCPO anchor Clyde Gray -- remains somewhat controversial among many professional pollsters.

I am looking forward to seeing other polls that will be available soon.

This post was made by Josh Nelson of the Cincinnati News blog.


Jean Schmidt got the keys to her new office...and she called her family...and she wants to put some personal effects on the walls...and she set up her voicemail and e-mail...and dropped off chocolates to other congresspeople...and this qualifies as news? Having just switched jobs a few months ago, I can tell you that the first day is not a thrilling day, much less newsworthy (they didn't even mention if she was informed about where the fire exits were).

On a side note, if she does push for stronger sexual predator laws and protection of landowners from eminent domain, then I'll at least be able to agree with her on a couple issues.


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Did Katie get it right?

Somebody familiar with the topic please help me; is cornholing the appropriate term for the act of playing cornhole? If not, what is Katie doing to our city? Doesn't she know that the majority of this town opposes gay marriage?


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Five local soldiers among 14 killed in Iraq Wednesday

How many more local soldiers need to die before the people of this city begin to hold this president accountable for this debacle of a war?


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You can't say that on television!

Robert Novak threw a hissy fit yesterday afternoon in an interview at CNN, dropped the BS bomb (uncensored), and walked off the set after a mild jab from James Carville. Afterwards, CNN released a statement that Novak was 'going to take some time off'. Here's hoping it's for the rest of his career; just a nasty, mean-spirited person.

CNN reporter Ed Henry said at the end of the interview that he informed Novak that he would be asking him about the CIA leak case. Speculation is that this snit was his way of getting out of answering any questions on this, though he did answer questions on this last month so I'm not sure how much weight that holds. However, having seen the tape on The Daily Show last night, I have to say there was something fishy about the incident. Novak had taken far worse shots from Carville and Paul Begala on Crossfire; this seemed like a pretty mild remark about his interest in furthering the cause of the right. Plus he didn't really storm off in anger, it felt very calculated, he just took his mike off and sauntered off the set. All in all very weird.


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Gone Fishing

I am off on my trek to the North. Please be kind to those who are brave enough to fill in for me while I take some RnR. I will likely chime in when the opportunity arises, but other wise I will be taking it easy. Please play fair and be kind. Have fun and talk to you on the other side!!!!!


Joe Wessels has the scoop on Clermont County was delayed in reporting half of their votes. It seems that the optical scan ballots are not meant for the summer, since they don't work well if they get moist.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's Official: Bronson is a Moron

I know I harp on Bronson a lot, but today he is just being stupid First Peter, "OK, Hackett's a veteran - and" you and Jean Schmidt are NOT! If you are going to fight in a war it might be good to have the perspective of someone who has been there. Ask Bob Dole how using War service was a way to win elections. Also, I wonder how many times we say Bush senior and Bush junior in their military uniforms during commercials.

Second, Bronson wrote this:
Many conservative Republicans may have stayed home because they thought Schmidt like another Taft RINO (Republican in Name Only) on taxes and abortion.
What is Bronson smoking? Ok, yes, Schmidt was called a Tax raiser by the boys at COAST, but she freaking runs a local Right to Life Group, who was questioning her stance on abortion! She is a freaking extremist on that and her anti-gay stance with her opposition to Gay Marriage. I think Peter is getting flash backs from his days reading about Woodstock in the newspaper and wishing he was a real hippie, not a fake one.

Why was this column not run before the election? It really offers nothing of value after the election and sounds like pointless drivel. Yes, most of Bronson's columns are pointless drivel, but this is where the editor (Hello David Wells!) should have rejected it.

Finally, when will the Enquirer allow a real response to this idiot in the newspaper? (Note I call him names because. well, he is acting like a child and should therefore be treated like one)

Bronson seems to live in a world where only the real hacks live. Jesus can't help you now Peter, the Democrats are coming, and you can't hold us back. Well, unless you start scaring the bigots again, but you don't have Fearless Leader to mislead anyone into that zone of fear this time.

Damn, this guy's writing is really spiteful. As a blogger, yes I am going to be spiteful, but jeesh, you stop wondering why people send him nasty email. Speaking of email, this is what I sent to him today:

Damn, I don't think I have seen such a spiteful article from you. It was actually fairly childish. The only thing missing is a picture of you sticking out your tongue.

You also are wrong, but that is what we come to expect from you.

Have a great day!

Brian Griffin
If I get a response, I will let you know.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Guest blogger #2

Greetings all. My name is Adam Bartel, and I will be one of the guest bloggers while Brian is on vacation. Some of you may know me from my posts on here under the name ‘Adam’ (not as creative as FunnelCake, but it gets the job done). I currently run a blog called Reality Bytes, which covers such important topics as pop culture, reality TV, sports, and the like. It will be a (welcome) change to go from writing about Carrie Underwood and Big Brother to local politics and current events. As Brian had mentioned, he was looking for a leftie, and he’s got one in me (left-handed too, but that’s another story), so hopefully we’ll be able to keep the debates going on both sides.

More on Bush's Creationism Meme

Kevin Drum has a great post on Bush's recent statement in support of teaching ID in public schools and brings up his past comments on teaching Christian Creationism.

Side note: why do supporters of Christian Creationism not label it as Christian Creationism? They could throw in Jews and maybe Muslims somehow, but since when did the religious aspect of the issue get lost on the vernacular?


This is an interesting story. I think this is going to get spun by the Boycott 'gangs' (both A and B) to maximum speed. If true this is bad, but not as bad as it will be played.

Post Mortem

What I am most baffled by is how Hackett won all of the East Counties? How did he when bible belt Adams County? I think this shows the breakdown for the GOP. SW Ohio is solid for them, though not as solid as they think, but South Central Ohio is in Play. After all, Strickland used to have much of those counties, so it really should not be that much of a stretch for Hackett to win there.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

52 to 48 Schmidt

First off to those fools on the right who thought Schmidt would get 70, let alone 60 percent of the vote, they really were not paying enough attention.

Secondly, I am perplexed by why half of Clermont county was the last to report in the entire district.
After all six other counties in the district had completed their ballot counts in what was a low-turnout election, Schmidt’s home county, Clermont, had reported a little more than half of its precincts.
“I have no idea what is going on over there,’’ said Hamilton County Board of Elections chairman Tim Burke. “I don’t know what their problem is.’’
They have electronic optical scan machines, which means they should have been done the fastest. Why were they later than Hamilton County? I am not look for conspiracies here, just like to point out things that look like incompetence. I hope they double check how they vote. What makes this look bad, is that before the rest of Clermont county finally submitted their votes, the race was a dead heat, 50/50. It just looks bad. It would be nice, especially since the newspaper is reporting it, that the Clermont county officials come out and say why they were delayed. That can put to rest, assuming they have a valid and plausible excuse, and fears of hanky panky.

Democrats should hold their heads high. This was a long shot race and in the end, the bigot vote and nutty anti-women (anti-abortion) vote won out. There are still people who can't get past those issues. They can disagree on everything else, but those, and they still will give their vote to the extremist. Well, the same kind of fools voted for Bush, and in America fools do grow on trees.

The House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has this to say in press release:
"Paul Hackett is a war hero who campaigned with the same dignity and honor that he served our country. Paul ran an excellent campaign and made what should have been an easy Republican win a tough contested race.

"The issues, political, and ethics environment are good for Democrats and Paul Hackett's campaign in a Republican district proves it.

"Republicans are on notice -- Americans are demanding a change. Americans will no longer tolerate the Republicans' continued abuses of power and catering to corporate special interests at the expense of the public interest.

"Democrats are committed to expanding opportunity, growing prosperity, and increasing security for every American."
She is right; Hackett proved that Democrats are alive and kicking in this city. We are not rolling over and this should be making some statewide GOP folks mighty nervous right now.

Hackett Party

I made my way downtown to the Paul Hackett party at the Aronoff Center. Very nice event, spirited crowd. I think everyone felt good. I could not stay late and missed Paul addressing the crowd. The media was there fairly heavily, including a couple of national outlets, like Mother Jones.

Elections Results

The polls closed over an hour ago and things appear tight in the early returns.

Check WCPO for Results

The Enquirer's site is running slow and overloaded. They are to have results here.

Predictions Thread

So who will win and what will be the percentages. I myself don't know who will win. If Schmidt wins she will get 56 to 44 for Hackett. If Hackett wins, he will get 52 to 48 for Schmidt. Either way the story will read that the Dems gained ground in OH-2.

FOXNews is Even Playing Up the Election

Could this election be a bellwether for the 2006 Congressional elections?

Also on FOX this headline "Bush: Schools Should Teach 'Intelligent Design' Alongside Evolution". So Bush is a Theocrat after all! Go figure that he wants to get religion into schools through the back door. Well, Bush seems to think he can run for office again, because this is the stupidest thing I have heard him say to the press in a long time. He doesn't need to stroke the religious right any more than he has.

Monday, August 01, 2005

August 2nd - Get Out The Vote for Hackett


Adams County
Tues. 7am - 8pm, 1 Courthouse Square at Roy Gabbert's Law Office
Brown County
Tues. 7am - 8pm, 707 Mt. Orab Pike, Bail Bonds Office (Cut-N-Up Barber Shop)
Clermont County
Tues. 7am - 8pm, Clermont County Democratic Party North 2nd Street, Batavia OH (next to Hackett's HQ)
Hamilton County
Tues. 7am - 8pm, Old Kerry Headquarters Park ing Lot, 1523 Madison Rd., 45206
Pike County
Tues. 7am - 8pm, Boilermakers Hall on US 23 in Piketon, OH and parking lot of Waverly Police Dept., 202 S. Market St.
Scioto County
Tues. 7am - 8pm, New Boston Community Center, 3980 Rhodes Ave., New Boston 45662
Warren County
Tues. 7am - 8pm, 6775 Park Lake Dr, Mason 45040, in Village Lakes subdivision AND 228 S. Mechanic St, Lebanon, 45036

Phone Bank:

Hamilton County Democratic Party HQ
615 Main St., Downtown Cincinnati, Tues, 9-7
Hackett HQ
27 N. Second St., Batavia, Tues, 9-7
Crowley HQ
1523 Madison Rd., East Walnut Hills, Tues, 9-7
Warren County Democratic Party HQ
8 East 5th St., Franklin, Tues, 9-7
Zimmeran CPA, 1080 Nimitzview Dr.
Suite 400, Anderson, Tues 9-7

Please get this information out however possible throughout the district, thanks.

- This post was made by guest blogger Josh Nelson of Cincinnati News

Home Stretch

It is down to the last full day before the election for the 2nd District. Paul Hackett has run a wonderful campaign. I have been fairly out of touch this weekend, so I have no concept of how the campaigns are going, other than the reminder by the RNC that Paul Hackett is not anti-gay, since he doesn't support the Gay Marriage ban that I guess is now a nation GOP policy. Good to know the GOP is in full anti-gay mode now.

Today will be ruff on both candidates with the temperature expected to be in the low 90's. The staffs did well and now it is about turnout. In case people didn't know, you should be getting out and vote for Paul Hackett. Since this is my personal congressional seat, I have to say I don't want an extremist like Schmidt who will be a failure in office and likely will not get the GOP nomination next year. Her failure will be her lame duck before she begins status. That is something the Enquirer failed to see. She would have lost big in the primary if the field did not have 3 other well known candidates.

I don't know who will win, but it has shown to me that the Liberals/Progressives/Moderates are not dead in this town and can stand up to extreme right wing when they need too.