Thursday, May 29, 2014

WKRC Has Dipped Themselves Into a Pile Skanky Goo

I guess ratings are down for WKRC since they aired this hot skanky mess of a story. Which was a follow-up to this other biased hunk of anti-downtown propaganda brought to you by exurbanite developers, who think like the Mayor.

Someone needs to tell Brad Underwood that Downtown and OTR are different places. Therefore, if you are going to do a story about attacks in the Central Business District (Downtown) go there, don't go to OTR for comment.


  1. I agree that the anti-OTR/Downtown stories are outrageous and tiresome. But, it is undeniable that mobs of youths were menacing, accosting, and assaulting people at The Taste. I don't have an answer for it, but acting like it didn't happen is not a solution.

  2. The story seemed to be focused on what happened to Deters' son. Is that why the story is a big deal?


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