Monday, November 04, 2013

A Public Demonstration that Smitherman is Crazy

Yes, most people know that Chris Smitherman has a screw loose. If you don't know, then have a look at this over 13 minute long rambling video that Smitherman made himself. He has no support to back up any of the wild and outlandish claims he makes, but damn it sure makes a good (yet boring) Crazy Guy video.

Smitherman is a big supporter of John Cranley and it has been reported that Cranley has stated that Smitherman would be a "big part" of the Cranley administration if he won the Mayor's race.

Oh, by the way, Smitherman is a sitting member of council and is running again. He makes these types of videos often. Who supports him? What type of person believes the crap he is saying? Ignorance is not much of an excuse, but I guess that's the type of voter Smitherman preys upon.

Side note: John Cranley had a link to this video on his Facebook page today. It is no longer there. I guess Cranley's knee-jerk judgement is to believe and trust what Smitherman says on the surface, but when people pointed out the lies Smitherman was saying about Democrats running for Council, someone in the Cranley camp took it down. More bad Cranley Judgement, just like John Elkington.

UPDATE: Evidence of Cranley posting this video to social media is here from Greg Harris.


  1. I love that his whole point is that "these people don't like me and thus are against my campaign." Well, duh, Chris. A LOT of people don't like you because you don't work to help the city in any discernible way. It's not a conspiracy that we'd like to replace you with a competent progressive.

  2. I have a lot of respect for the Laborers. So, maybe I ought to support everyone on that slate card! (Ok, I already voted. But still...) Oh, wait. Is he talking about Robert Richardson; the man who ran against Smitherman or Rob Richardson the son of the man who ran against Smitherman who is the attorney?


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