Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kathy Wilson Travels, Fails to Mark the Twain

So cryptic attacks and backhanded praise once again flow like prose laden with random Jazzy CNN almost metaphors in another Kathy Y. Wilson column in CityBeat. If you want to watch ideas dance the Tango for no apparent reason, then have a read.

If you DO NOT want to watch Kathy ride the 2001 Cincinnati Riot Float in another parade, then I suggest you skip it.

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  1. Very appropriate analysis of her column. I honestly expected her to know better than to write:
    “I have mixed feelings,” he says. “It’s pretty,” he says quickly in a way that seems to surprise even him.

    “It definitely is a different neighborhood. There is a space for everybody there but that doesn’t seem to be the goal."

    I mean this guy admittedly hasn't even been in town for a year. And that "space for everybody" line is absurd. By walking around for a few minutes he has discerned what the "goal" is?


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