Thursday, August 09, 2012

Outraged Conservatives, Come to Findlay Market to Support Your Comrade!

I really hope all of the conservatives who are voicing outrage over a Findlay Market shop owner's hyperbolic anger about having her store included in a commercial for President Obama's, all come down to the Market! Please be sure to park in the many Findlay Market parking lots, they are priced ver reasonably. Be sure to pick up some produce, meats, coffee, sweets, and much more from the many fine vendors!Yes, conservatives, this shop is located in OTR and you will have walk at least a block near poor poeple, so be warned! I expect to see a line like Chick-Fil-A.In all seriousness, why did the owner of Krause's have to be such a jerk about the Commercial? She should know better than to let her store manager sign documents. Instead of going to the press about this, she could have just let it go quietly. Instead, she allowed this to build up the ignorance on the Enquirer's website. Way to annoy your neighbors!


  1. I don't blame her for going to the press if, as the article says, she was told that the ad would be pulled and then saw it on television after that. Going to the press is one way to put pressure on them to pull it sooner rather than later. If anyone is engaging in hyperbole here it is the Inquirer (hat tip to you), who is featuring this as a front page story on the web; which is a complete joke and a transparent attempt at generating comments/traffic.

  2. She now has signs in the windows & on the door, "No Politics beyond this point". I was in there this morning to do my shopping for my weekend table. I don't blame her for taking this mess to the media. She was given assurances, & once again, they were not fulfilled. More of the same old, same old. I'm satisfied that her politics are her personal business & she doesn't want politics gumming up her shop. Very smart lady.

  3. Josh, Miss Fannie -- you are dealing with Griff who is and always has been a liberal. I first had a chuckle with this so-called blog when he would attempt to trash Peter Bronson when he was at the Enquirer.

    Bronson is of course a conservative which the author of this blog detests. The only reason he is complaining is to protect 'Chicago Jesus.'


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