Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cincinnati's Master Plan is Again About Being a City

CityBeat is reporting that the City has released it's final draft (how is a draft final?) of it's Master Plan. The key sentence from the CityBeat article that summarizes the main goal of the plan:
"The primary goal behind the plan is to transition the city away from a model that emphasizes suburban living back to a more urban model."
We as a city have come so far from ridding government with the 1950's mentality of development. We don't have the likes of Chris Monzel and John Cranley on council. The county is self destructing thanks to Monzel, but we can all be vigilant and keep Cranley from trying to drag Cincinnati back into the stone age with suburban style development ideas. We don't need any more strip malls. We don't need any more cul-du-sacs. We don't need streets that dont' allow safe walking and bike riding.

We are a city and we starting to act like it again. Don't let the Monzels or Canleys pull us off our path.

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  1. It's a "Final Draft" because it is the final opportunity for public and stakeholder input prior to the document going to the presses. Once the plan leaves its draft phase, there is no more discussion outside of normal city operations.

    Other than that, it's great that the city is affirming its commitment to urbanism, and that Cincinnati is about to finally release a final comprehensive plan update for the first time in my lifetime.


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