Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wendell Young Sums Up Smitherman's 'Meeting'

Cincinnati City Council Member Wendell Young summed up the problem with fellow Council Member Chris Smitherman's special council meeting held last night. From the Enquirer Article:
“It is wonderful that we care,” he said, but it’s wrong to imply that this is the first time council and others have been interested in this topic.
Additionally in the Enquirer Blog post about the meeting, Young's comments were described as this:
People were deluded, he said, into thinking they would hear something new tonight.
This meeting was nothing but a show. It was a stunt to gain attention and make people believe that Smitherman and Winburn are doing something for black people. It was also a political tactic. The most brilliant aspect was to use the "black on black crime" terminology in the media. This gives Winburn something to appeal to the conservative, mostly White voters, that Republicans rely on for votes. Both Winburn and Smitherman have built narrowly defined voting blocks. Winburn's has more of a Coalition than Smitherman, so he needs to appeal to multiple angles of this issue.

No matter what, they got their media attention (yes including me). That gives them a slight boost to their reelection efforts. Each have to continue to walk the tight-rope of appealing to both Republicans and the Black Community.  Neither one will ever be able to totally rely on Republican votes alone, so they must play this game and it is sickening.

Quimbob over at Blogging Isn't Cool has more on the 'Meeting.'

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  1. You were right at jump & I seconded it. There was no plan to address "black on black" crime. I sat in on this 2 hr. BS session, knowing full good & well it would be a grandstanding event. Winburn & Smitherman didn't disappoint. They licked & sucked up to the Police Chief like he was the second coming of Christ. Playing follow the leader, that asinine Laure Quinlivan & that ridiculous Yvette Simpson chimed in, cooing & fawning all over the Police Chief. In the cheap seats were the sheeple, waiting, breathlessly, for their heroes, the Brothers, to roll out the quick fix plan to the criminal problems in their neighborhoods. They went away sorely disappointed. As one man said as he got to the swinging exit doors of Council Chambers, "That was a whole bunch of nothing." I'll give credit at the last 15 minutes of this dog & pony show to Wendell Young & Cecil Thomas. They mustered up their balls & called the whole damned gang out for their cheap charade & grandstanding. Hopefully, this will be a big wake-up call to "the base" who voted for these narcisisstic idiots that they need to vote according to the items that matter most to them & who is going to address those items according to the voters beliefs, not vote in some moron because they are a "Brother" or "Sister". A whole bunch of people were made fools of on Monday night & were sold out.


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