Sunday, April 29, 2012

Delusions of Grandeur Continue to Flow From Smitherman Like a River

Today's article from the Enquirer's Jane Prendergast on Cincinnati Council Member Chris Smitherman was an interest read. I say that because my blog (and myself) were quoted and I represented the face of Criticism of Smitherman. I take that as a compliment. I try to give voice to issues and topics that don't get lots of press. Criticism of Chris Smitherman does not get much media attention. I am glad it got some today.

The other more entertaining portion of the article comes from a direct quote from Smitherman himself:
“I will become the mayor one day,” he says, though he won’t run in 2013 when Mallory leaves.
I don't know what planet Smitherman is living on, but it appears to be akin more of an alternative-reality than anything resembling the actual Earth, where the rest of us reside. Smitherman at best has a niche voter base that he segments more each time he opens his mouth in public. Unless he plans a cultural revolution to drive out everyone in the City who disagrees with him, then I don't see him winning an election for Mayor against nearly any other remotely credible candidate.

Those of us in the political opinion world would love to see him run someday, just to watch him lose in the primary. How a man who wants nothing more than the destruction of the urban core could think he could be mayor is beyond my comprehension. I guess that's why I can't see it as anything other than a delusion of grandeur. One thing I don't doubt about Smitherman: he has a high opinion of himself. That doesn't translate to anything unless you can make stuff happen. The only stuff he can make happen is gettting in the newspaper by making outlandish comments. Negative press attention in the end might earn you a day old bag of doughnuts, but little else.


  1. The most chilling part of the article is where is says he will be "extremely involved" in the next mayoral election. If he ends up backing the winner and that winner owes him favors, that would be a nightmare.

  2. Smitherman is nothing but a demagogue, Narcissist, and COAST's jack-in-office with Finney pulling his puppet strings.

  3. Griff, I cheered for you when I read this garbage in this morning's paper version. The e-story has been severely edited. This comical puppet doesn't have a plan. The solutions he has in hand were submitted by those in attendance at his grandstanding event he put on with his new best friend, Winburn. He'll turn on Winburn at his first opportunity. If he ever gets elected Mayor, heaven forbid, he'll need umpteen bodyguards. He's messed with a lot of dangerous people the wrong way. Those dangerous people will call the shots, literally, from the prison pay phone. There's way too many unsettled scores still lingering.

    Thanks Griff, for a job well done. I might not always see eye to eye with you on various topics, but I'm on board with you on this circus sideshow.

  4. Didn't the Windbag say he'd support Qualls for mayor?
    It would be nice if the Fishwarp would analyse the schemes Smitherman cranks out on local access cable & his radio shows. Instead, they just continue to be Finney's soapbox. Well, at least they got some quotes from an actual city resident this time (tho they did try to discredit you). Be nice if they would have linked to your posts - oh, yeah, they don't know how.....


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