Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Brockmeier Gains Jennifer Brunner Endorsement

The Enquirer is reporting that former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has endorsed Luke Brockmeier in the Democratic primary for the Ohio House district 31 race.  Brunner is a statewide political force with a wide following both in Ohio and nationally.  This is a very big pick-up for Brockmeier.  This demonstrates that his message that he's the real Democrat in this Democratic field is reaching the right people.  Brunner is a progressive force and the New 31st is a progressive district.

Brockmeier also is getting attention on DailyKos.


  1. Considering that the Democratic party threw Brunner under the bus in her senate bid, I don't really see how her endorsement defines who is a "Democrat".

  2. Despite underhanded tactics by some party power-brokers; Brunner won Hamilton County in her senate bid -- and won the district handily -- even if she lost the state. Her endorsement says Luke is the "solidly progressive" candidate -- which is true. This statement coming from one of the most progressive people we have seen elected statewide in Ohio, means a great deal.

  3. Bruner speaks to the base of the party to those who fully support the party platform.

  4. Yeah, DailyKos and Firedoglake are where all the mainstream Dems hang..the real base of the party.

    I think someone has spent a little too much time in their blue bubble.


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