Monday, February 13, 2012

Exurban Lunacy Alive in West Chester

As the result of the desire to destroy the community, Lakota School District officials were required to put out thier plan to deal with massive budget cuts forced on the school system by a majority of voters. There is no other way to describe the majority of voters in the Laktoa district other than lunatics. They have a wealthy school district with good schools and most voters there want lower quality schools. That defies logic. I also can't understand how they can cut a single teacher without cutting all extracurricular sports programs. They should sell all of land their football stadiums are built on, but no, they'll keep funding football above nearly everything else.

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  1. I love sports but to cut education and not sports is crazy. Why not just have one Football team why do we need two think of the money saved. Why to they need to go out of the system and hire a head hunter to find a new superintend. Why are educators not in the Lakota system any better, do we not qualified people in Lakota.
    Go to a event and I see the school buses running for hours until the event is over turn off the motor. Common sense would save them thousands.


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