Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Downtown Cincinnati As Safe or Even Safer than Exurbs

The Cincinnati Enquirer had an excellent article about crime in the CBD/Downtown area as compared to several of the Cincinnati area's most populated exurbs, like West Chester, Florence, and Mason.  I really hope people read this and understand what it means. Far too many people I've talked with can't tell the differences amongst Downtown, Gaslight, Northside, OTR, or even in a few instances Hyde Park.  Therefore, I am not going to hold my breath that an understanding that crime happens everyone mixes with how safe the CBD area has become.


  1. There is a poll on the Cincinnati.com article asking, "Did this story change your views on downtown safety?" Forty-seven percent answered, "No, I still don't feel safe." Basically, what this means is that 47% of Cincinnati.com visitors are the type of people who won't let pesky "facts" get in the way of their opinions and preconceived notions.

  2. @Travis - a lot of the commenters indicated that they saw the article as misinformation & a deliberate cover up.


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