Thursday, September 08, 2011

CityBeat Website Gets Big Makeover

I can't tell you when, exactly, but has undergone a much needed make-over.  It is a great improvement, but is moving slow this morning, at least for me.  The mobile version is a bit different, but mostly structured the same.  I am not pleased that on my iPad I wasn't able to open the regular site, just the mobile version.  I am hoping that's a kink that can be worked out.


  1. It would seem that Google Chrome is marking it as containing malware.

  2. Ditto on Safari.
    FWIW, Thunderbird sees Steve Chabot's site as a scam, too.

  3. As a web designer/dev, these things never get off the ground smoothly - esp with an established large user base. I am glad they did it too, and it looks to be definitely going in the right direction, but there are some bugs that should be squished soon. My only big question is, why do this soon to MPMF?

  4. I think (but I might be wrong) that web sites recognize the iPad as a mobile device by default.


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