Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Details On How Lakota Schools Will Worsen

The ramifications of the failure to pass a school tax levy in the West Chester area Lakota School District were outlined yesterday.

Gone are music, art, and physical education teachers in elementary schools.

Why would they not cut all high schools ports, instead of cutting the junior school programs? Why also would any parent pay any fee for their kid to play a sport, and not agree to a modest increase in their property taxes? This is an example of one of the problems with modern America. The heightened value placed on team sports and the devaluation of public schools is a sign that willful ignorance is manifesting itself as a lifestyle choice, not just a political philosophy.

I don't know if this levy will fail causing the beloved exurbanite paradise of West Chester will lose. We do know what will be cut if it does fail. Let's hope that West Chester voters will support public education again. If they want to cut the fat of their school, team sports would be the place to start.

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  1. I agree! It seems "The Board" is more interested in pomp and circumstance than an actual well rounded education. I guess they are afraid of the sporty people blowback but I wonder if they could still pick up my 7 year old and take her to school if they weren't allowing a fair amount of their budget to run athletic programs. Also, disenfranchising a relatively small amount of students from the daily routine of going to school via bus service denial seems punitive and discriminatory.


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