Monday, August 02, 2010

The City Needs Money, So Buck Up!

The Enquirer reports on the parking meter rate increase which takes affect today and breaks out the everyman knee jerk quotes from the public:
"This country's going to hell, ain't it?"
Seriously, anyone who owns a car is going to say something this ludicrous about a $1 per hour increase to parker charges? I suppose that when the Bengals signed T.O. this same person hailed it as greatest thing ever to happen in the world, so far. People need to face facts and start pulling their weight. It would be nice for the Enquirer to pick more intelligent and relevant quotes than this gem.

Ugh! The City needs money. We need to pay for essential services, and since a majority of council lacks the courage to stand up to the FOP, they have to make revenues go up somehow. Even with this change we are still heading to another show down over the budget gap. I wonder how much grandstanding will occur from Council.

Speaking of grandstanding, I'll be waiting to see what Councilman Chris Monzel has to say on the budget. Last year he didn't issue any type of plan that would make the needed cuts or raise revenues, so I would expect nothing from him this year, even though he is running for County Commissioner, where the budget woes are just as bad as the City's.

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