Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Really Good Day for the Enquirer

Fair is fair. A few weeks ago, I and other bloggers expressed displeasure with the Enquirer over its characterization of a streetcar survey. Today, though, there's some great reading in the Enquirer, and I wanted to point it out.
  • A "First in Print" piece by Dan Horn (quickly becoming my favorite reporter) profiling a couple's foreclosure troubles. The couple are among many people who suffered more than necessary because the bank that owned their mortgage didn't properly record the transfer of their home's deed upon foreclosure.
  • A front-page, above-the-fold article by Sharon Coolidge placing Hamilton County's indigent care levy in context. Judging from the piece, Ms. Coolidge is clearly enjoying--and making good use of--the greater space her paper will give her to do analysis on political issues.
  • A "First in Print" feature by Howard Wilkinson (is he now the Enquirer's senior reporter?) on the meme we can't hear enough about, "The Year of the Angry Voter."
  • And the Enquirer's editorial lambasting Greg Hartmann's proposal to balance the stadium fund deficit by slashing the indigent care levy. (I believe this editorial was originally an op-ed by Tom Callinan that called Hartmann's suggestion an "indecent proposal," but the link to the earlier piece is broken.)
There's other good stuff in there as well (a nice article by Jessica Brown, newly-reassigned to the CPS beat, on the district's decision to explore alternative schools, as well as a fascinating piece by Janelle Gelfand--who, frankly, is one of the Enquirer's lesser-known gems--on the 90-year history of Cincinnati Opera). My Sunday paper, by the way, was an excellent accompaniment to a Mary-Cristo from Hamburger Mary's.

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